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Application-Object-Model (iK·AOM)

What does iK·AOM do?
It integrates all objects of business processes into a unified model.
What is iK·AOM?
A concept to enhance the flexibility of existing applications and to realize unification.

What can iK·AOM do?

Without programming work business objects (orders, customers, suppliers, articles, components, products, services) can be
  • amended by contents dynamically
  • located according to those contents (by search functions or hierarchical structure of their properties)
  • amended by dates and notes
What is the crucial benefit?

Solutions are provided for all kinds of objects.

This is ideal for new development but also feasible for existing systems with little effort.

  • Example: A reminder function for orders is needed. With the realization of iK·AOM a reminder function is also being provided for all other objects; for example customers, contact persons and so on.

iK·AOM realizes some concepts that are being aspired by object-oriented programming. But instead of inheriting functionality it is only available at one central place.

This saves development time and resources.